Radical Kite Center

Radical kite center with 7 years of presence is occupied with kitesurfing & sup (iko) as well as with the holding of races. we also rent equipment kites, boards,  harnesses by cabrinha, north, ion.
It is located in one of the best places of greece in nea kios where the waters are shallow and the winds are stable thermic throughout the whole summer.come and rent the perfect equipment for your first steps 1-2 for the beginners and level3+ for the advanced ones. The location is easily accessible and almost one and a half hours away from Athens. Open from April to October.

Further Info: Pantelis +30  6972-815765,  Kostas +30 6937-588999

email : info@radicalkite.gr

Phototour Nafplio

In Phototour we are a group of photographers who, through different paths, reached a common point which is no other than our love for photography and shooting. Our main desire is to revisit through our photo lenses historic places of unique beauty, and other locations that most people ignore.

We touch peaks, walking through rough and remote paths and lead us to monasteries, built many centuries ago. We meet rivers and beaches, away from the noisy cities. We visit pitoresque villages, untouched from time and evolution, and we come close to their people and their life style, shooting unique moments of their everyday life.​

What we want to achieve is to share all these experiences through the routes of images together with people who equally love the art of photography, either as professionals or as amateurs.
We create groups of photo excursions in order to see and reinvent the beauty of nature and living creatures.​

Our desire is each participant to see these places in their real dimension, through a different eye… their photographic eye. This will be also achieved thanks to the workshops designed by our team. These will cover technical aspects of photography, information about the historic signifigance of the visited location and, of course, interaction among the participants.



Nafplio is known and photographed tourist destination. So it is inevitably seen through different angles and lenses. However we tried to find items that could even bring us in contact with the unknown into the flow of that environment.

With the eyes of foreign media , we will look back together the fabric of a city built to defend by architecture and structuring intercultural obvious and varied shades. We will try to translate the photo on the corners where pop sea, turrets , castles and catacombs of memory.

Details photo tour
The phototour Nafplio will be held every Saturday afternoon , it takes about three and a half hours and starting point will be the beacon of the old city.

More details will be provided via e-mail. In phototour may participate not only those involved in the picture, but those who want to get to know her .

activity level


Date photo tour

Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon and Tuesday morning

Cost phototour 15 euro

For anyone who cares to follow this journey information phone :

6977-848628  and email : info@phototour.gr



Jeep trails


At your service, our experienced local partners in super jeep tours in Argolis and it’s surrounding prefectures Arcadia & Korinthia with their unique landscapes!
We run a mixed fleet of modified Land Rover Discovery V8 4000c, Hyundai Santa Fe 2000c diesel & Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000c, which will get you off the beaten track by crossing rivers and driving on mountain roads!

Τhe routes that we  recommend you are, from a few hours to a day, depending on your time!

You should experience the following routes :

1)Nafplio – Karakala & ‘Egg’ Monasteries- Ancient Epidauros – Nafplio
Level:   Easy
Distance: About 95 km
Duration: About 5 hours
Time period: All year
Hot spots: Famous local & historical monastery (11th century), beautiful mountain landscapes, isolated mountain villages, pinewood, off road routes to the ancient theater of Epidaurus

2)Nafplio – Ancient Nemea -Plain of Skotini -Stimfalia lake – Doxa’s lake
Level: Medium
Distance: About 200 km
Duration: About 10 hours
Time period: All year
Hot spots: Αncient Nemea: famous ancient city, known by the mythical lion killed by Hercules. The ruins of the Nemean Zeus’s temple, located in a short distance from the village.

** It is also possible for someone to enjoy the 4×4 jeep tours, following our jeep with your own! –
For more routes click here





Our team counts experienced alternative therapists & teachers who love to work in nature. Rejuvenate body & soul with grouped meditation, yoga exercises, massage session, reiki therapy, reflexology, in the fresh sea atmosphere or at the top of a hill combined with panoramic view. Let the sounds of sarod take you on a spirit journey. Enjoy holistic therapies in nature combined with walk or cycle!
see more here : http://www.grecopaths.gr/holistic-therapies/


Culture & Αctivities – Day Trips



The prefecture of Argolida and also Arcadia, Corinthia and Messinia, have countless unknown, traditional villages, which every summer and autumn have local festivals. Our goal is to combine culture and activities around the villages, which have beautiful, unique nature to explore!

We can also organize for you one day trips to:


-  The Lepida’s waterfalls (prefectures of Arcadia): At winter, autumn, spring time

-  Neda’s waterfalls, ancient Figalia-temple of Apollo (prefecture of Messinia) – All year time

-  Ancient Troizina and its secret path to waterfalls (prefecture of Argolida) – All year time

-  Volcano of Methana (prefecture of Argolida) – All year time

-  Gorges of : Viros, Noupanti, & Ridomo (prefecture of Messinia) – At summer, autumn, spring time

-Cobbled path: Kardamili-Saint Sofia-Petrovouni-Gorge of Viros-Kardamili (prefecture of Messinia)- All year time

- Cobbled path: Sotirianika-Altomira-Sotirianika-‘Path Mpiliovo-‘ preserved Greek monument
(prefecture of Messinia)- All year time




Keep the interesting to your students!

Dear teachers & parents,

keep the interesting to your students and motivate them with the appropriate stimuli during to their visit in Nafpio city!
Take a look what they offer you :a theater pedagogue, a guide, and the team of Grecopaths (rural tour escorts).
Our alternative programs give value to your students and be sure that they will never forget this experience!


A)  Naturalist routes with historical guided tour

Suggestion 1

Cycling and guided tour at the historic town of Nafplion.

Route: Nafplio-Arvanitia-Karathona Nafplio
Distance: 6 km
Difficulty of activity: Easy
Hot spots: picturesque coastal route on paved
path under of the walls of Akronauplia and dirt path to Arvanitia-Karathona beach with panoramic view to the Argolis gulf and to the surrounding mountains.

Historical guided walking tour (after our cycling)
in the old town of Nafplion, with stops at: the walls of Akronauplia, Lions Gate, historical church of St. Spyridon.


** This program is for up to 10 years old students

Suggestion 2


Walking at the same trails that King Agamemnon walked

Walking – Guided Tour

Route: Mycenae-Prosimni
Distance: 11 km
Difficulty activity: Medium
Hot spots: Special guided tour to the Acropolis of  Mycenae, & its museum, walking tour to the ancient path, to the one that walked himself king Agamemnon,Hellenistic Tower, Roman baths, vaulted Mycenaean tomb.


** This program is for up yo 15 years old students and adjusted to all student’s ages

Suggestion 3


Walk to the Gods healing path’-Epidaurus


Route: Ligourio surroundings-Epidaurus
Distance : 2 until 6 km
Visit period: All year
Hot spots: Ancient path, preserved imprints of chariot lanes (armatrochies), two ancient Herms, inscription of the 3rd century BC, naturalist route through vegetation and stream,olive fields,the theater & the sanctuary of Epidaurus.One hour historical guided tour to the archaeological site of Asklepios Epidaurus (Avato,dome, stadium, theater, museum ).

** This program is for up to 7 years old students and adjusted to all students ages

B)    Naturalist routes with creative theatrical games

Suggestion 1

Walking tour, creative games inspired from distilleries of ouzo & tsipouro


Route: Nafplio – Karonis -Monastery of Agia Moni – Nafplio
Distance : 5km
Difficulty of activity : Easy
Hot spots: Distilleries of famous family business named ‘ Karonis ‘
guided tour for the production of the process making ouzo and raki ( special tour for children) games with theater – educator inspired by our traditional drinks.Walking through olive groves and rural roads , with ‘ hidden ‘ surprises during to our walk, famous local post-Byzantine period monastery .Surroundings with pine and cypress trees , offer enough space for plenty of game.Tank with goldfishes and panoramic view of Nafplio.


** This program is for up to 7 years old students and adjusted to all students’ ages.

Suggestion 2

Walking, creative games inspired from the Pyramid

Route:Kefalari-Pyramid of Hellinico-Kefalari
Distance: 4.5 km
Difficulty of activity: Easy
Hot spots: Folk art museum, mysterious pyramid, Erasinos river, temple of  Zoodochos Pigi, creative games inspired from the pyramid, panoramic view of the argolic gulf, save place without traffic for plenty of game!

** This program is for up to 7 years old students and adjusted to all students’ ages.

C) Guided tour with creative theatrical games

Suggestion 1

Guided tour to the Acropolis of Tiryns and theatrical games with the Labours of Hercules

- Guided tour  one hour duration to the Acropolis of Tiryns.

- Familiarity with the geography of Argolis

- Narrative of the labors of Hercules

- Theatrical games: physical warm-up, visual game, dramatization of his labors.


** This program is for up to 7 years old students and adjusted to all students’ ages.

Suggestion 2


Guided tour to the old town of Nafplio and treasure hunt

- One hour guided tour in the old town of Nafplion city (Psaromachala Square, Sagredo Gate, St. Spyridon church, deputy, Constitution Square).

- Treasure hunt based on reports in its long history of the city!

- Younger or older explorers will get introduced to the history, seeking details and nuggets of knowledge that is etched in the historical monuments of the old city of Nafplio.


** This program is for up to 7 years old students and adjusted to all students’ ages.





NEOKLASIKI’S GROUP STAFF : Ippoliti hotel, 3Sixty Cafe Bar Restaurant, Xenon Inn,  Xenon Cafe,  Nafsimedon Hotel continue their education in the World Of  Wine and will try to initiate you in its secrets!


If any of our customers, during their stay in our hotel in Nafplio town, wish to be initiated in Wine Tasting may do it as long as he will ask for it.