The beach is behind Arvanitias Acronafplia and you can get there either on foot or by car by going across the uphill side of the Land Gate. This sandy beach offers a cafe, long chairs, showers, WC and free parking at the entrance.

The Karathonas beach is located about 4km from Nafplio on the road after Palamidi. The beach is accessible by car. It has a large free car park, cafes, restaurants, rental umbrellas and water sports. It is the most famous beach of Nafplio during the summer months.

The beach of Tolo is located about 8 km from Nafplio and is accessible by car and bus. Along this beautiful and enchanting coastal area of ​​Tolo one can find cafes, restaurants, rental umbrellas and water sports. The beach’s crystal blue waters as well as its facilities make Tolo a tourist attracrion.

The sandy beach of Candia is located about 20km from the town of Nafplio. Very good suggestion for swimming, coffee and snacks as well as sports activities. “Baraki” Beach Bar provides also free sunbeds and umbrellas.

Kondili (St. Nikolaos)
Between Vivari and Candia there is “Kondili” beach. Fine pebbles & sand. Very large in size beach. Seabed mainly rocky in some places on the left side of the sandy beach. Deep-sloped waters.